Exploring Ottawa’s Most Popular Areas

Ottawa, a city rich in history and culture, is home to a variety of vibrant neighborhoods. Each area boasts its own character, attractions, and hidden gems. This guide will take you through some of Ottawa’s most popular areas, revealing what makes each one special.

ByWard Market: The Heartbeat of Ottawa

Historic Markets and Culinary Delights

ByWard Market is not only one of Ottawa’s oldest neighborhoods but also its premier destination for dining, shopping, and nightlife. With its colorful street markets, chic boutiques, and diverse range of restaurants and bars, ByWard Market pulsates with energy day and night.

The Glebe: A Trendy and Vibrant Community

Charming Boutiques and Community Spirit

Nestled south of downtown, The Glebe is known for its trendy shops, artisanal coffee shops, and the historic Lansdowne Park. This neighborhood is a haven for those who love to shop local and enjoy community events, especially the renowned Glebe Garage Sale.

Westboro: The Hip Urban Village

Outdoor Lifestyle and Trendy Eateries

Westboro is a lively neighborhood known for its outdoor stores, trendy restaurants, and upscale boutiques. Bordering the Ottawa River, it’s also the gateway to outdoor activities, offering easy access to cycling and walking paths, as well as the popular Westboro Beach.

Elgin Street: Ottawa’s Entertainment District

Vibrant Nightlife and Cultural Events

Elgin Street buzzes with activity, housing some of Ottawa’s best bars, nightclubs, and theaters. It’s a cultural hub, with the National Arts Centre and several galleries nearby, making it a perfect spot for those seeking entertainment and arts.

Kanata: A Suburban Tech Hub

Innovation and Green Spaces

Kanata, located in Ottawa’s western suburb, is known for its thriving technology sector and ample green spaces. With tech parks, shopping centers, and recreational facilities, Kanata offers a balanced lifestyle away from the city center.

Hintonburg and Wellington West: Artistic and Eclectic

Arts, Crafts, and Culinary Innovation

These adjoining neighborhoods are celebrated for their artistic community, independent businesses, and innovative eateries. Hintonburg and Wellington West are hotspots for those seeking unique art, craft beer, and an eclectic dining scene.

Orléans: A Growing Community with French Flair

Family-Friendly with a Cultural Twist

Situated in the eastern part of Ottawa, Orléans boasts a strong Franco-Ontarian community, offering cultural richness and family-oriented living. With its blend of residential areas, parks, and retail options, it’s a community on the rise.


Ottawa’s neighborhoods offer a rich tapestry of experiences, from the historic and bustling ByWard Market to the trendy and outdoorsy Westboro, and the culturally vibrant Elgin Street. Each area contributes its unique flavor to the city’s overall charm, making Ottawa a diverse and exciting place to explore.